Yorkshire root veg bake

You can use any combination of root vegetables in this dish, which makes a great side or a hearty supper. I used swede, carrot, parsnips, potato and an onion, all of which are in this week’s Bert’s Barrow veg box. I also added some chopped sage from the garden – you can use any freshContinue reading “Yorkshire root veg bake”

Bert’s Barrow drive-thru

We’ve often championed Bert’s Barrow farm shop a stone’s throw from the A63 on the road to Hillam for their total commitment to truly local Yorkshire produce. Now, Charlotte and Jason have gone the extra mile by concerting their farm shop to a drive-through with their staff and customers self-isolated throughout. What’s more, the demandContinue reading “Bert’s Barrow drive-thru”